Holden Caulfield

The story of my life.

Almost a nice date.

Radio City - place where I went ice-skating with Sally.

Hi there. In this post I’ll let you know what the date with Sally was like. I was a way earlier before her at the meeting place, so I was just sitting on a couch in the lobby and watching the girls. A lot of schools were home for vacation, so there were about a million girls around waiting for their dates to show up. And finally, I saw Sally, coming up the stairs, and I went to meet her. She looked terrific. We horsed around a little bit as we were getting to the theater. Anyway, the show wasn’t as bad as some I’d seen before. At the end of the act we went out with all the others for a cigarette. Sally didn’t talk much, except for raving about the Lunts, because she was very busy rubbering and being charming. There was a guy around, I thought from Ivy League. Sally kept saying that she knew that guy. Finally, he saw her too and came to say hello. Then Sally introduced us and they started talking about a lot of people they both knew. It was the phoniest conversation I had ever heard in my life. I couldn’t stand listening to that but they continued their conversation even after the end of the second act. When they finally finished I sort of hated Sally for that. I was set up to take her home but she said that she would like to go ice-skating. So we went ice skating to the Radio City. There, they gave Sally this little blue butt-twitchier of a dress to wear. She looked very good in it, I had to admit that. The funny thing was that we were the worst skaters on the whole rink. I think we must’ve looked gorgeous. Finally, I asked her if she wanted to get a table inside and have a drink, and she agreed. So we took off our skates and went inside that bar. We started talking about school and other stuff. I was quite nervous. I didn’t know why, but I almost shouted. And then I came out with that idea. I told Sally that we should get away from there, get married and live somewhere away from there. I got very excited about it, but Sally was more sore of it than excited. She started to criticize me, so I got sore. In the end it came out that I said something I wish I hadn’t told. I tried to apologize to her for that but she wouldn’t let me. She didn’t even want to drive her home. She kept telling me to go away and leave her alone, what I finally did. I got inside and got my shoes and stuff, and left without her.


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