Holden Caulfield

The story of my life.

Good bye Pencey!

Penn Station, place where I got off the train in New York

Today, I’m writing my fourth blog. I’d like to tell you about what made me leave Pencey and what I was doing then. After this fight with Stradlater I didn’t want to sleep with him in the room. I didn’t want to sleep at all. I went to Ackley’s room. He was partly sleeping when I entered, but he woke up and asked me what was the whole fight about. I didn’t want to talk about it, but I asked him if I could sleep on Ely’s bed. Ely was at home for holiday and I knew that he wouldn’t come back for some time. I just lay on his bed and I was sort of talking with Ackley. It was then when I decided to leave school. I was supposed to leave it on Wednesday , but I didn’t want to wait for so long. I left Ackley’s room and I went to mine. I took all my stuff fast and I went downstairs. It was too late to call a cab so I walked the whole way to the station. It wasn’t far, but it was cold as hell. When I got to the station I had to wait just ten minutes for the train to New York. When I was on the train, a lady got on at Trenton and sat down next to me. We started talking, and it came out, that she was a mother of Ernest Morrow. I think I didn’t like that guy the most from all guys at my school but I told this lady that her son was a great boy. I got off at Penn Station and went straight to a phone booth. I wanted to talk to somebody but actually I didn’t have anybody who could talk with me at that time, so I ended up calling nobody. I left the station and I found a cab. I told the driver to take me to the Edmont. I tried to talk with him and make him go with me for a drink but I knew that he couldn’t do it though. I stopped at Edmont Hotel. They gave me a very crumby room with nothing to look at from the window. I was thinking for a while and I realized that I’d like to have fun with somebody. So I phoned one girl whose number I got from my friend, but she wasn’t keen on going out anywhere. Well, it was a pity.


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