Holden Caulfield

The story of my life.

Good time with Phoebe and coming back home.

The carousel that Phoebe rode.

Greeting to all of you. In that post I’d like to tell you the end of that weird story. After that, she left her big bag in the museum and we went to the zoo together. She was still angry with me and she didn’t want to walk next to me so I didn’t try to make her for that because I knew that she’d go with me. In the zoo there weren’t many people and it wasn’t much to look at. Then we left the zoo and we went to the carousels. Phoebe was still sore at me but she was happy when she saw the carousels. I bought her some tickets for it and I sat on the bench and I just watched her ridding it. She looked cute in her blue coat. Suddenly, it started to rain but I didn’t care about it much. I was just happy that I was back with Phoebe and I could watch her going around and around. It made me so happy. God, I wish you could’ve been there to see her.

So I came back home. Not long after that I got sick and I had to go to the hospital. A lot of people kept asking me if I was going back to school in September. I just couldn’t answer that question. How can you know what you’ll do before you do it? And that’s all of this stuff for now. Thank you and good bye.


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