Holden Caulfield

The story of my life.

Still Alone.

Ernie's - nightclub in which I wanted to stay, but I couldn't.

In this post I wanna tell you about the next part of that goddamn night. While I was leaving the night club I started to think about Jane Gallagher again. I sat down on a chair in the lobby and I started to think about Stradlater and Jane in the car. I couldn’t get her off my mind. I could talk about her for hours; about the time we spent together playing checkers, golf or at the cinema. At least I decided that it was still too early for me to go to sleep so I took a cab to Ernie’s. It’s a night club in Greenwich Village that my brother D.B. used to go frequently before he went to Hollywood. Ernie is a big fat coloured guy that plays the piano. He seems like he won’t talk to you unless you are a movie star. Anyway, the cab I took was a real old one. The driver wasn’t so kind. He was sort of a touchy guy. He left me in front of Ernie’s and even though it was so late it was jampacked. You could hardly check your coat – it was so crowded. It was pretty quiet, though, because Ernie was playing the piano. It always was a big deal, like something holy. To me, it wasn’t so great but the audience got mad when he finished playing. Anyway, they found me a table. It wasn’t a good place, though. I was surrounded by jerks. I was sitting there, smoking and drinking when I saw a girl, that I had met before. Her name was Lillian Simmons. My brother D.B. used to go out with her for a while. She was there with the navy guy. She came to my table and started to ask about D.B. It’s all that interested her. She asked me if I wanted to join them but I wasn’t in a good mood for it. So, I told her that I was going to leave in a minute and she went away with that navy guy. Then I didn’t have any choice but to leave. It made me mad, though, when I was getting my coat. People always ruin things for you.


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