Holden Caulfield

The story of my life.

Time to have fun!

Edmont Hotel, place where I stayed in New York at first.

Hello. In this post I’ll tell you about what I was doing after I’d checked in Edmont Hotel. I thought it was still early. I didn’t want to go to bed, so I changed my t-shirt and I decided to go to that hotel night club, Lavender Room. When I was washing I started to think about my sister, Phoebe. She’s ten years old, but she’s very smart for her age. She likes films a lot and she’s very emotional. You would like her. She is somebody you always feel like talking to on the phone. However, at that time I was too afraid that my parents would answer the phone. So I just finished putting on my t-shirt and I went down in the elevator to the lobby to see what was going on. It turned out to be pretty empty, though. I could hear a band playing in Lavender Room so I went there. It wasn’t crowded but they gave me a lousy table anyway. I looked around. There was nobody around at my age. There were only some old, show-off-looking guys with their dates, but by the table next to me there were these three girls around thirty or so. Only one from them was quite pretty, so I decided to dance with her. I’m a good dancer and she was also quite a terrific style. I wanted to drink something with her but the waiter didn’t want to sell me any liquor, so I ended up drinking some cola. I was trying to make a conversation with all three ladies but they were more interested if any movie star was entering the club. So when they wanted to leave, I just paid the bill and left with them. I didn’t have a good time. You can’t have a good time in any night club where you can’t get any liquor. Or unless you’re with a girl that really knocks you out.


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