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Trying to be nice…and got punished for it.

It took me some time to write that composition.

On the last post I told you that I would write that composition for Stradlater, so as I came back from the city I started writing it. I didn’t know what to write about. I was supposed to describe something, but I couldn’t think of any place that I could describe, so I wrote about first thing that came to my mind. It was my dead brother’s Allie baseball mitt. I had to describe it in Stradlater’s lousy style so that nobody would be able to know that it was me who wrote it. Anyway, when Stradlater came back from his date with Jane I finished writing and I was lying on my bed and smoking. He took his composition and as I looked at him I knew that he didn’t like it. He told me that it was supposed to be a house or a room so why I wrote about a glove. He was sore as hell. I took this composition from him and I threw it into the wastebasket. I cut this discussion off and I asked him about the date with Jane. I was pretty interested in it. He told me that they stayed in a car the whole evening. I was getting nervous about what he said to me. I just had a feeling something had gone funny.

Then I did something stupid. I knew Stradlater’s methods for picking girls up. I knew what he might have been doing with Jane on the back seat of the car. He was standing next to me and while we were talking, he kept taking these shadow punches down at my shoulder. I was shaking from nerves and at last I got up and I hit Stradlater on the side of his head. It probably hurt him, but not as much as I wanted. Anyway, the next thing I knew, I was on the floor and he was sitting on my chest, with his face all red.I started to hurl insults at him all the way. He told me to shut up and he would let me up, so I did. I kept lying on the floor, and he got up. But I couldn’t cut it off. I continued to insult him, and then he shot me on the nose and left the room.


No opportunities for relaxation.

Pencey Prepatory School, where I used to go.

Hi all. I’m blogging for the second time here. I’ll tell you what happened next, that day. After I left Mr Spencer’s house, I went straight to my dorms. I was happy that I came to my room. It was warm and sort of cosy. I decided that I’d read that book I got from the library. I had read maybe three pages when I heard somebody coming through shower curtains. It was Robert Ackley. I’m not crazy about him, to tell the truth. He is mossy and he has an awful personality. He came to my room and started to pick up my things and to put them down in different places. He had this awful habit. We talked for a while but, because of him, I couldn’t concentrate on reading. Suddenly my roommate came in. His name is Stradlater. He is always in a big hurry. Everything is a big deal for him. Ackley didn’t like him so he went out. He asked me if I was going somewhere  that night, because he wanted to use my jacket. I wasn’t crazy about this idea because I knew that he was much bigger than me and he’d stretch it, but I didn’t have much to talk. He went to the bathroom for a fast shave. I went with him and started to ask him about his date. He  told me that her name was Jane Gallagher. It killed me. She was my old friend. Got very excited about it.I started to talk to him about her like a madman but I didn’t think that he was listening to me. Before he left he’s just asked me if I could write a composition for him. I didn’t like the idea, but I didn’t have anything interesting to do that night, so I agreed. But when he left I decided to go out with my friend Mal Brossard. We took Ackley with us and we went for a hamburger and to see a movie. When we got back it was still early so I decided to write that composition for Stradlater.

Something to start with…

Hi there, my name is Holden Caulfield. I don’t like long entries so to begin with I’ll just tell you my story. I was standing way up on the hill. It was the Saturday football game with Saxon Hall. This match was supposed to be a big deal for my school, Pencey. Pencey is a school in Agerstown, Pennsylvania. Anyway, everybody was down at the game, apart from me. I’d just got kicked from school, because I flunked four subjects, and I was going to visit my history teacher, Mr Spencer. He had grippe and he told me that he would like to see me before I go home, so I went to his house. The door opened to me his wife, Mrs Spencer. She was a very nice old woman. She told me that her husband was upstairs, so I went there. He was sitting in his old armchair. He wasn’t in a good shape, but at once he started talking that I was kicked from school, and I failed history and so on, and I started to be sort of sorry I’d come. But we talked for a while and I told him that I had to go to the gym to take my equipment from it. It was a cheer lie, but I just wanted to go. I must tell you that I’m a terrific liar. It’s awful. Anyway, when I was going back to my dorms I started to think about the wing which I live in. It’s Ossenburger Memorial Wing. It was named after that guy, Ossenburger who used to go to Pencey. He made a lot of money in the undertaking business. One day he came to our school for a match in his huge Cadillac. We had to stand in the line and give him a cheer. The next day he made a speech in chapel that lasted about ten hours. He was talking about his career and so on. And he gave our school a pile of dough and they named our wing after him. So that’s where I live. In Ossenburger Memorial wing of the new dorms.

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